Pot, Marijuana, Weed, Cannabis, or Ganga, are a few different names for the same thing.

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My intent with this website, is to extend my informational and entertaining material findings onto you.
I hope to bring education and great products for you to enjoy a better Cannabis experience.
The ads you see on the pages will earn me a commission if you purchase a product. My goal is to make enough so I may travel to the different Cannabis Expo’s around the US.
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My name is Cathy.

I was born and raised in the beautiful State of Washington, now reside in picturesque Arizona.  My cannabis usage has spanned over a few decades.

I remember, back in the day, when my mom found my ‘baggie’ for the first time, I tried to pass it off as leaf oregano.  She didn’t fall for that, being as though, it had a ton of seeds!  It didn’t look like any leaf oregano she’d ever seen before and of course I got grounded.

Today, I am legal with my medical marijuana card, where I get weed with no seeds. I love going to my favorite dispensary; to see, smell and try the newest strain of flowers.  Each time I stop by I like to try something different.  So far, I’ve been through more strains than I can remember.(Shout out to: Health for Life, East Mesa.  These guys are great!  Informative and friendly.)

I have seen the wonderful growth in the industry and also the stigmastism that has decreased over the years. Most people that know me, know that I have been a cannabis smoker for years, so, it is nice to have conversations more out in the open about the usage. I also think it is wonderful all the different varieties that can be used to intake THC besides smoking, like edibles and vaping just to name a couple.

As I learn more about what is going on in the cannabis world, I will pass it on to you!



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