Pot, Marijuana, Weed, Cannabis, or Ganga, are a few different names for the same thing.

It’s 420 somewhere!

When I hear 4:20, I look around for someone lighting up some cannabis.



Who came up with the saying that all stoners can relate to: “It’s 4:20.”?

Some say, it’s the number of active chemical ingredients found in cannabis, or that it is used by the police; code for pot smoking in progress.
Others claim it is because Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, all whom were known as drug users during their time, died on April 20th.

It has been referenced in movies, such as; in the great movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ almost all the clocks are set to 4:20?
And in another fabulous movie ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ the score of the football game was 42 – 0.
In Colorado they had to change the Interstate-70 highway sign; it now reads 419.99 mile since they had to replace the 420 mile marker to many times.


San Rafael High School in California, according to wikipedia:

The school is often cited as the origin (1971) of the time and code word 420 in drug culture; originally “420” served as a code word for “The Waldos”, a group of marijuana users who would meet in front of a statue of Louis Pasteur at 4:20 p.m. to smoke marijuana, both near the statue and at other clandestine locations on campus grounds. The “420” moniker was in widespread use on campus during the ’74 through ’76 time frame by the school stoner community.



Here is the real story:

In the fall of 1971, Steve (one of the Waldos) was given a map by a friend whose brother was in the Coast Guard, yet growing weed.
When it came time to harvest the crop, the coastguardsman couldn’t take the chance of getting busted. So, he gave the map to a friend, then passed it onto the boys. The crop was located on the Point Reyes Peninsula, about 20-25 miles away, which none of them were to familiar with.
In order to cash in on the patch of cannabis, they needed to find the location according to the map. Everyday the guys agreed to meet at the statue at 4:20. Once everyone was there, they would smoke alot of weed and be on the search for the patch and their fortune.
Although they never did find the pot of gold, something bigger was about to happen.


As the Waldos began using the term more often, it was repeated to their friends, then their friends and the 4:20 saying was born.
The saying really took off in the 1990’s when the Grateful Dead and Deadheads started referring to 420. After that it got the attention of High Times magazine, they began using the phrase and again more of us smokers began to know what it meant.
Across the world cannabis smokers will celebrate April 20th every year, or others prefer to celebrate 4:20 daily.

The Waldos are not fictional, but true people, who are still freinds today. The Waldos were motivated, creative, active, driven, involved, aware, intelligent, fit, and educated. They were athletes—football, track, high diving, mountain-cross country running. One was a double-honors Accounting student in high school. Others were award-winning animation film makers and painters. Ironically, one was the son of the head NARC (narcotics enforcement) in the San Francisco Police Department which gave the Waldos a special knowledge of drug search and seizure laws – valuable knowledge in the 70’s era.

The Waldos were huge fans of clean cut Johnny Carson. And they associated with the Gratetful Dead (but were never Deadheads).

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