Pot, Marijuana, Weed, Cannabis, or Ganga, are a few different names for the same thing.

MMJ Employment Opportunities

The legal cannabis industry is just taking off!

The expansion and growth will continue to rise as more states begin to jump into the legalize of medical and recreational cannabis use.
This is a thrilling time for new opportunities that are growing along with the increasing market.


Below are just some of the more popular Cannabis employment jobs out there:



***  Must be at least 21 Years Old.
***  Ability to work with a diverse patient population.
***  Proficient in the use of computers for various software applications.
***  Knowledge of the medical marijuana industry.
***  Educating new and returning patients on medical medicinal properties.




***  Receive order forms and create work orders.
***  Assist in the scheduling of delivery drivers.
***  Maintain records of current and upcoming orders.
***  Strong computer skills (Microsoft and Google Suite).





***  Must have strong sales relationships.
***  Ability to adapt effectively in a fast entrepreneural environment.
***  Track record of achieving revenue goals.
***  Focused on solution type selling and customer satisfaction.




Want to Get a Job in the Marijuana Business?



***  Degree in horticulture or agriculture.
***  Experience managing a commercial production facility.
***  Track record of creating award winning strains.
***  7 – 10 years experience in large-scale growing.
***  Researched in the new techniques and insights into production growing.




***  Experienced in the culinary field.
***  Knowledge of Cannabis laws, benefits and cooking skills.
***  Effective in time management and multi-tasking.
***  Maintains organization, cleanliness and efficiency of production area.




***  Bachelor’s Degree with experience in: Laboratory & Argriculture testing.
***  Go to customers location to do testing of dispensaries and growers.
***  Measure cannabinoids, terpenoids, microbial contaminants, mycotoxins,
heavy metals, pesticide residues, and residual solvent levels.
***  Utilize the latest technology in cannabis testing.
***  Ability to prepare many samples in a fast-paced environment.



***  Operate a butane closed loop extractor.
***  Degass/purge in vacuum ovens and on hot plates.
***  Produce consistent final end products from shatter to wax to live resin.
***  1 Year extraction is required.



Other jobs can include:

Delivery Driver, Trimmer, Marketing, Software Support, Research and more are becoming available with the growing market.


Want to Start a Career in the $40 Billion Medical Marijuana Industry?