Pot, Marijuana, Weed, Cannabis, or Ganga, are a few different names for the same thing.

Homemade Pipe Making


Nothing worse than being somewhere with your weed and no pipe!

 No fear, you can make one with just a few materials.






Fruit Pipes will make your smoke smooth and tasty.  You can use this method with an apple, orange, pumpkin or watermelon.

Start with a crisp fruit.  Use something slender such as a straw or pen. Make a hole at the top where the stem used to be. Make a second hole near the bottom of the apple meeting up with the first hole. Your third hole will be on the side for the carb. Use the top hole to put your smoke, the side hole will be your carb and smoke from the bottom.(Do Not Eat After Smoking through, it will have ashes and the other debris from smoking.)



The famous Easy TP Roll Pipe works like a steamroller pipe.  The picture pretty much explains it.  Cut a small hole in the TP roll, add a screen.  (Not as good for you, but, if you are without a screen, using a piece of tin foil will small holes poked in it will also work.) Use one end to smoke the other end as your carb.





The Quick Soda Can Pipe also works like a steamroller pipe, great for when your in a pinch.  Dent the top of the can a little to put your cannabis on.  Poke small holes for the screen, add a hole at the end of the can for a carb. Use the drinking opening to smoke.




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Tic-Tac Toke Pipe is like smoking from a mini bubbler.  With an empty tic tac container, drill a hole in the side.  Add a bong steam into the hole, a little water on the bottom.  Then use the opening to smoke from.





The Daily Juice Bottle Pipe is good, but, only if you have a bong stem handy.  Super easy, hole where the bong steam goes and one on the back for the carb. Add a little water and your ready to go.