Pot, Marijuana, Weed, Cannabis, or Ganga, are a few different names for the same thing.

What is Rick Simpson Oil and How It Can Benefit You!

Rick Simpson was one of the pioneers for ‘Cannabis Oil’.



In 1997, Rick Simpson was working as an engineer in a Canadian hospital. Daily he would be covered with asbestos from the duct tape, which was wrapped around the hospital’s boiler pipes.  There was also lack of ventilation, for the toxic fumes to escape. One day while working, the fumes overcame him causing a ‘temporary nervous system shock’. He fell off his ladder and hit his head, after waking, he found some of his coworker, who rushed him to the emergency room. After a few hours when the dizziness went away, they released Rick to go home.

During the following days Rick was still suffering from the dizziness of his fall and was hearing a ringing in his ears. Returning to the hospital, Mr. Simpson the doctor prescribed medication to help with the symptoms that he was still experiencing. The medication he was prescribed, was not helping, instead, making him feel worse then before and dysfunctional. He’d heard about the medical benefits of cannabis, and asked his doctor about this alternative. The doctor denied and dismissed his request.
So Rick decided to try it on his own. Purchasing a bag of marijuana, he began smoking it daily. A few months later, he noticed that his pain had been reduced and he quit taking his prescribed medication. Although his doctors discouragement him from smoking, the pharmaceutical fog vanished completely and he was feeling back to his own self.

Being a revolutionary, Rick began to make his own Cannabis Oil.

Rick started growing marijuana in his backyard, then began extracting the oil from the whole plant.He did this, by reducing the cannabis plant in a slow boiling solution. Rick was then able to get a small tube of thick THC concentrated oil. He began to ingest a small amount on a daily basis.

Later in 2003 Rick noticed 3 lumps on his skin. Returning to the doctor, Rick was diagnosed with ‘Basal Cell Carcinoma‘, a type of skin cancer.
They removed the 3 cancerous lumps, but, one came back.
Remembering that he’d seen a documentary from ‘The National Cancer Institute‘ regarding the positive effects of cannabis, and how THC was found to kill cancer cells in mice.
The cannabis oil had worked so well on his previous illness, he desided to try it on the cancer spots.
Rick applied the oil and put a band aid on it.

 4 days later,  the remaining cancer cells were gone!

Rick went back to his doctors and the cancer organizations to inform them of his discovery, however, they did not want to hear what he had to say.

Overwhelmed of what cannabis oil had done for him, he continued to grow cannabis in his backyard and produce his own oil to give away for free to those in need.
The Cannabis Healer started off small, topically applying the oil with people with similair skin diseases.
Then he began including people with glaucoma and melanoma. This grew into helping others with ingesting the medicine to helping cancer patients.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police raided Rick Simpson’s home several times over the years, confiscating over 2,600 plants. He had faced arrest and persecution. In 2013 Rick Simpson moved from Canada and no longer supplies the oil to those in need.
However, he would like his finding spread through the community in hopes it will help and bring relief to others.



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January 2018