Pot, Marijuana, Weed, Cannabis, or Ganga, are a few different names for the same thing.



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A vaporizer is a device that allows you to separate the cannabinoids (THC) from the flower. oil or concentrate without burning it with a flame, such as in using a pipe or bong.  You turn on your vape, then once the proper temperature is reached, the heat will activate the THC into a vapor which you inhale, then is exhaled into a fine mist  You may not exhale a lot of smoke, if any,  depending on how much you inhale. Some people prefer to vape their cannabis rather that smoking it, due to some additives that can be used in the cannabis growing process  such as: Calcium Nitrate, Potassium, Blood Meal and others.  If you are getting your cannabis from a dispensary, the additives should be listed on the package. Each strain may contain different additives.

In an update on January 11, 2017 the CDC (Center for Disease Control) States that “There is not enough evidence yet to know the specific health effects of using marijuana with vaporizers, or using concentrated waxes or oils made from different parts of the marijuana plant.. However, we do know:
These products can have a lot more THC than other forms of marijuana and the extraction process is not regulated, which means that strength and purity can vary from product to product.  Some of these products are very high in THC (up to 80%), which increases the likelihood of poisoning.
Using vaporizers for marijuana may also expose the user to toxic substances, depending on construction material and heating temperatures of the devices.”

With so many cigarette smokers going to E-Cigarettes, it makes it even more convenient, since the styles of the two are pretty close to the same.   Some people like to bong at home and vape on the go.  Have a dinner party or going to see a non-user? The smell of vaping dissipates faster than smoking, therefore, less tendencies for the smell to linger on yourself.  With all the different vape flavors available, makes it another plus.  Add a dab of e-liquid into your vape pen depending on your mood, warm it up and your ready to go. You can Vape the dry flowers, use oils, concentrates or flavored vape e-juice, depending on which device you choose to purchase.




~~ Portable and efficient way to Vape Dry flowers.
~~ Wide variety of styles, sizes and price.
~~ Healthier, more cost-effective to consume dry cannabis.
~~ Discreet, great for medicating on the go.




~~ Fastest, easiest way to enjoy concentrates.
~~ Reliable, versatile and powerful.
~~ Fits in your pocket.
~~ Discreetly medicate at a moments notice.



~~ Vaping Dry Herbs, oils or concentrates.
~~ Smaller and more compact than a desktop.
~~ Battery powered with temperature control on most.
~~ USB charging cables can be plugged into your computer or wall.




~~ Good for dry herb and concentrates.
~~ Designed for home usage with wall plug in.
~~ Choose between whip draw or balloon bag method.
~~ Temperature control that allows you to precisely monitor though the vaping process.


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